Kevin Caldwell Keziah Weddings Photography

Ouch!  Word on the streets is not to hire Kevin Caldwell for your wedding photography.  Hopefully Kevin can work out his issues with the couples he’s working with.  If you’ve hired Kevin you may want to look at other options and see if you can get your deposit back.

KCCI reported tonight that couples are waiting up over five months with no photos and no word from Kevin.

Here is a link that KCCI News did on Kevin Caldwell and Keziah Weddings


Wedding Trolley

Looking to go with something a little unique for your wedding transportation?  Check out Iowa Trolley.

Iowa Trolley is a first class transportation service dedicated to fulfill all of your transportation needs. A division of Absolute Transportation.  The trolley is a very unique way to transport your Wedding or Corporate guests! The Trolley seats up to 30 passengers and will leave a lasting impression of distinction!  It is air conditioned and has plush air ride suspension, features not commonly found on trollies. Treat your guests to the Elegance of a San Francisco style experience for Weddings, Bachelorette, Bachelor, Wine Tours and All Corporate events.

How to save money on your wedding

Learn the secrets to get your vendors to cut their pricesThe average cost of a wedding is over $26,000!!!  That’s crazy!  If you’re looking for ways to save some money on your wedding, the secrets no vendors want you to know, you need to buy this book.  Pretty amazing stuff.  Get it here.

Plant Life Designs

Plant Life Designs offers a very natural approach to wedding flowers. We often times pull materials out of the natural environment and incorporate it into floral designs. All designs are original and custom, to fit the style of the couple and their special day. A mix of different materials,flowers, colors and textures are sure to make your flowers one of a kind.

Impulse Entertainment

Finding the perfect DJ for your big day isn’t as easy as it sounds.  Unlike a photographer where you can look at their work or a caterer where you can taste their yummy deliciousness, you really don’t have much to go on other than a DJ’s word.  A couple of things that will make a DJ standout is the experience and the planning.  Asking how long the DJ has been in business will be a pretty good indication if they know what they’re doing.  Ask them what preparation goes into planning an event and ask to see any planning worksheets.

Impulse Entertainment has been in business since 1991!  Laptops and MP3s didn’t exist in DJ world like they do nowadays.  It took planning to make an event happen.  With Impulse Entertainment, every event starts with our extensive seven-page planning worksheet.  We want to make sure your big night goes without a hitch.  From “Who’s giving the blessing” to spelling names out phonetically, we don’t leave any detail left out.

Give Impulse Entertainment a call today at (515) 989-133 to setup an appointment or visit them online at